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How To Enable Direct Deposit On Cash App

If you do not have a bank account in any traditional bank, then a direct deposit on Cash App is the best way for you to get easier and faster access to money. In an attempt to make a direct deposit more accessible, in the early 2018 Cash App introduced this feature and allowed users to set-up Cash App direct deposit. There are so many people who do not have access to a bank account so with direct deposit the Cash App aims to facilitate this process by offering a quick way to get deposits. Any user having a Cash App account and Cash App card can set-up routing or account numbers for direct deposits. 

After setting up direct deposit one has to share routing and account numbers to the employer to receive pay-checks quickly. Cash App notifies users when a deposit hits their account. The money received through direct deposit is added to the regular Cash App balance and can be used to spend wherever a VISA card is accepted, sent to a friend, for investment, or to buy bitcoins. Here in this blog, we will give the Cash App direct deposit reviews. If you want to know how to enable a cash app direct deposit and does Cash App direct deposit early you need to stay with us. 

Benefits of Cash App Direct Deposit: 

The following are some of the benefits of Cash App direct deposit:

  1. No Hidden Charges: For a direct deposit on Cash App you do not need to pay any kinds of charges and it is totally free. There are no hidden charges once the money is deposited into your Cash App account you can use it as a Cash App balance without having to pay some other extra service charges. 
  1. A quick way to get Paychecks: It is the fastest and quick way to get paychecks as you do not need to hold the physical pay-checks and wait for it to get cleared. With Cash App direct deposit early you can get your money 2-3 days earlier as compared to your colleagues who are still using the mainstream way of physical paychecks. 
  1. Adjust direct deposit into Cash App balance: As noted above the direct deposits can easily be used as the Cash App balance. With the money that you received through direct deposit, you can easily spend it wherever a VISA card is accepted, send to a friend, for investment, or to buy bitcoins.
  1. Easy access to Stimulus checks: Amid the financial hardships of COVID-19, the relief funds or stimulus checks were provided to people in the US and these checks were being processed through Cash App direct deposits. So this benefited a lot of people who did not have a bank account to traditional and Cash App direct deposit became an alternative to it. 

How to Enable Cash App direct deposit?

To enable the Cash App direct deposit it is required that you should have your account and routing number. If you are looking forward to enabling it then fill up the Cash App direct deposit form and activate a Cash App card. It is also important for you to know that a user must be over 18 years old to enable direct deposit on Cash App. 

Here are some of the steps that can help you to set-up Cash App direct deposit: 

  • Install the Cash App and log into your account
  • At the bottom of the screen on the left, a dollar sign is visible it is “My Cash” 
  • 3. You need to click on the My Cash tap
  • 4. Once you click, you will see the option “Direct Deposit” and “Account Number”
  • 5. To enable direct deposit and get an account or routing number  select both these options 
  • 6. Once they present on the screen Copy Account details to the clipboard or note it down
  • 7. After getting an account or routing number you have successfully enabled the direct deposit feature on Cash App now you share it with your employer for direct deposits.

Cash App Direct Deposit Time: 

The direct deposits on Cash App are very quick and they are completed within a very minimum period of time. There are many who before enabling direct deposits keep wondering does Cash App direct deposit early. Yes, it is very much early and fast. It takes on only 2-5 business for direct deposits paychecks to appear in your Cash App account. And once a direct deposit hits your account you are notified by the Cash App and now can use it as a cash app balance. 

Sometimes there can be a direct deposit delay, such situations you should wait for the specified Cash App direct deposit time and if you do not receive it after this then you need to contact Cash App Customer Service. They will help you in resolving direct deposit issues and provide all kinds of Cash App direct deposit info. 


The direct deposit has become the need of the hour for faster and easier access to funds. Cash App like other peers to peer payment apps is offering this feature to users you must start using the direct deposit on Cash App. In this, we helped you to enable Cash App direct deposit and provides some information about the advantages of direct deposit in general.

FAQs Related To Cash App Direct Deposit

Why is my Cash App direct deposit not working? 

Your Cash App may not be working because of the technical issues like having an out of date version of the Cash App and using a low-speed internet. 

Can I trust Cash App’s direct deposit for receiving my stimulus from the federal department? 

Yes, it is a secure way to receive the stimulus so you can trust the Cash App for direct deposit. 

Is it possible that Cash App direct deposit failed?

Yes, the direct deposit fails to take place if you enter the wrong routing or account number and other such details

At what time does Cash App direct deposit hit my account?

Cash App may hit your account within 2-5 business days from the scheduled date when it begins.

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