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How To Invite A Friend On Cash App

How To Invite A Friend On Cash App

If you want to send and receive money from your friends or family digitally you can do it with a Cash App account. As it is a two-process so both the sender and receiver should have the Cash App installed in the mobile to be able to exchange money. 

Cash App is a freely available mobile payment app that allows users to transfer and receive money and get a Cash App card. So if you want to send someone money who does not have the app, they will have to install the Cash App and create an account for Cash App login. To be a user it is important to link the bank account and will verify the account instantly after your friend can send or receive money right away and take other advantages of Cash App.

For inviting friends of Cash App you can also get the free money on Cash App. For instance, if you send your friend a referral link and code to install the Cash App and they download and create a Cash App account the same link then you may get $5. 

You need to take the below-mentioned steps to add people and invite friends on Cash App: 

  1. Log into your Cash App Account: The first step is to open the app and log into your Cash App account then at the left corner of the screen Profile icon 
  2. In $Cashtag select the “Invite friends”:  Once you click on the Profile icon in the $Cashtag, there is an option available with green color “Invite Friends, Get $5” 
  3. Select a contact: Then select the name of the person you want to invite in your mobile contact list. If your friend is not in your mobile contact book then enter the phone number or email address into the ″To″ field instead.
  4. Enter the Referral Code: You need to enter the reward/referral code which is a combination of numbers and letters added at the end of the Cash App invitation link. With sending invites to your friend it contains a referral reward code if the person uses this cash app application then it is possible that you may get $5 for this referral. You can expect to receive it within 10 working days. 

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